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"A trust fund has been established to support mental health issues, anti-bully resourcing and education initiative funds for students with learning disabilities (with a focus on singing and/or technology). Donations can be made the Vancouver Foundation or any RBC Canada under the Amanda Todd's Legacy/Memorial Fund."

This year's event has more significance. My daughter Sarah`s friend, Amanda Todd, who I`m guessing you know from her YouTube video that has had over 20 million views since mid October.  She was bullied and committed suicide this year plus she also suffered from depression. No 15 year old girl should have to put up with this sort of abuse and bullying – absolutely crazy!!

Looks like she has made an impact as she was the 3rd most Googled person in the WORLD (?!?) in 2012. Elise Estrada, Demi Lovato, Jordan Pruitt and Madonna have all reached out in support to Amanda's Mom Carol.

About the Paper Bag Project;

Karl Bryan and his family moved to Vancouver, Canada in September of 2007 which was wonderful and yet heartbreaking at the same time.

His family had no idea how much poverty existed in the new beautiful city - voted the WORLD'S MOST LIVABLE CITY in 2011?!? Karl Bryan and his wife have had their share of heartbreaks, each losing a sibling to suicide thanks to depression. Wonderful people/friends with a TON to live for but a little down on their luck, basically depressed, felt they had no one to talk to and made a bad decision. If they lived another 30 minutes they probably would have lived another 30 years...

Each time you drive down East Hastings, witnessing all the obvious depression and mental illness, you can't help but think…that is somebody's child, sister, brother, mother, father or grandparent etc. That very easily could have been our siblings.

43% of Homeless People have been sexually assaulted by age 12.
19% lost both parents before the age of 16.

-- Encyclopaedia of Homelessness

On our wedding anniversary each year we try to do something to help out and give back. Mental illness and depression have ugly consequences if not spoken about. And by the way I'm always amazed how many remarkably normal, together, caring people we feed... just lost, open about it and down on their luck. They'll be back... just going to take a little time and I can't help but think (in fact I KNOW because many have told me) having people show they care in this manner goes a long way in their recovery.

Pictures from past years Paper Bag Project

On the 27th of December over the past four years we've bought, prepared and handed out enough food for over 1700 homeless. We've had friends and family help assemble the lunches and hand them out on East Hastings St. Each year it's taken almost all day to prepare the food and barely an hour to feed up to 1000 people on day. Many of the people that helped in previous years have commented it was the highlight of their Christmas!

One of the inspirations behind the day was a book I read about one of Canada's most successful businessman, Frank O'Dea. He was homeless for a long time and is the Founder of 'Second Cup' which is similar to Starbucks in Canada. If you get a chance to read 'When All You Have Is Hope' I highly recommend it for those that enjoy a success story.

This year we did it all again and the day was another massive success.

We've had a few schools involved by volunteering their students to write positive quotes and messages on each brown bag handed out (see pics above). The food will keep them fed for a day, the clothing for a season but making the sick, depressed and homeless feel cared for and not forgotten will hopefully last a lifetime. In some cases possibly save a life and get someone off the streets?

"It's $1.50 to make a lunch – let us know how many people you want to feed"
To Donate click your amount and we'll do the rest, acknowledge you and pack all the lunches.

To donate and help feed the homeless pick number of people to feed below. All profits go to 'Amanda Todd's Legacy/Memorial Fund'. The more people we feed the cheaper it gets to buy food, water etc… Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas.
Feed 10 people $15.00
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Feed 25 people $37.50:
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Feed 50 people $75.00
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Feed 100 people $150.00
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Feed 200 people $300.00
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Feed 300 people $400.00
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Happy Holidays,

Karl and Tammi Bryan
Karl Bryan Tammi Bryan